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NBA 2K14 tips – MyGM guide

As you may have noticed, I didn’t take too kindly to NBA 2K14’s microtransactions on next-gen consoles. But having spent a lot of time playing MyGM mode, I’ve picked up a few tips to help you get started without feeling the need to fork out any more of your hard earned money. These beginner’s tips will help you find your feet at whichever club you decide to run.

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Set reasonable goals

When you first start as a GM, the club’s owner holds a meeting with you to discuss the targets of the forthcoming season. Set goals which you have a realistic chance of achieving, especially if the owner is impatient and demands instant success. Don’t simply say what he wants to hear, as you could find yourself struggling and dig yourself a very deep hole. The goals determine the Virtual Currency reward you stand to receive at the end of the season, and succeeding also earns the trust of your employers. It’s better to aim low and over-achieve than aim high and fall short.

Don’t spend Virtual Currency on coaching upgrades

You have a head coach for a reason. Don’t waste hard earned VC upgrading your GM’s coaching abilities to influence line-ups and rotations. Let the coach handle the team during the early part of your career, and just focus on trades to give him a better team. During matches, you can still make substitutions, change points of emphasis, matchups and call plays without buying any upgrades. Your coach  also periodically stops by asking if rotations should be adjusted when new players arrive or injuries occur, but you won’t be able to change things until you until you progress as a GM, so just have the coach handle it in your first year.

Play as many games as possible

My New York Knicks

In MyGM, you don’t earn any VC for simming matches, so play as many as you can, especially when you first start. You earn 375 VC for playing a match, so it’s definitely worth investing the time as many of the early upgrades cost 500 at least.

If you struggle to find the time to play games, shorten the length of quarters, the one problem with this is it can lead to struggles getting wins because leads can change hands very quickly in basketball. To balance this out, you might want to lower the difficulty, just so your results aren’t affected negatively by the changes. You shouldn’t be winning 82 games a season, so don’t be downtrodden if you lose now and then. Staying above .500 will easily see you into the play-offs.

Earning the currency allows you to upgrade your GM to be able to make greater movements amongst the backroom staff and facilities.

Focus on leveling up Business Savvy

business savvy 2

Business Savvy allows you to build new facilities, kiosks and adjust ticket prices at your stadium. This improves your chances of generating profit for your franchise. Before adjusting prices of tickets or parking (which is unlocked at level 2), make sure you progress far enough to unlock the Analytics Firm facility. The reason why you need the Analytics Firm before making adjustments to prices is that this will give you an idea of whether your adjustments are being positively or negatively received by fans. Making the prices too high can lead to less sales and a decrease in fan satisfaction, so you need to make sure you strike a good balance to maximise the company’s intake.

Then level up staff

By upgrading your staffing attributes you gain the ability to hire and fire people from your coaching team. There are some great candidates that you can hire to replace the people you let go, many of which won’t command a high salary and will either be good now, or have high potential grades. When bringing in new people, offer them a short term deal to assess their skills. If they prove to be successful, the second contract can be for a longer spell.

Pay attention to badges

Each member of staff and player can carry personality badges. They are colour-coded, blue and red. Blue badges are positive traits, and gives you an indication of what they will bring to your franchise. Red badges, however, are negative aspects of a person. For example, a trainer could carry an “Experimenter” badge, which means they use untested methods on your injured players which run the risk of doing more harm than good. You can view the badges key by hitting square/X when browsing the menus, so make sure you know what the symbols mean when you are browsing potential additions.

  • Tyler Antonson

    I was just wondering if i start a Lakers mygm mode and play for 5 seasons unlock a couple upgrades do those carry over to lets say i start a new franchise with knicks. so my gm will have all his stuff unlocked in any team i pick once i unlock them?

    • Chrystian Martinez

      Hey I was wondering the same thing as Tyler, I really wanna start more franchises but not if I can’t carry over my upgrades, seems almost a waste to me. If you happen to have an xbox one, messaging me @ DeadlyAngel3 would be much better than reaching me at my email, thank you.

      • Rena

        Yeah, as long as you play online (using VC) then they are saved to your user profile.

    • corey

      yes they do

    • corey

      yes they do

    • hareshv

      yup they carry over to another mygm file if u start it

  • Patrick

    Do you have any idea how player badges are earned and lost in MyGm mode?

    • Dejani

      As their ratings improve they take on more badges and as they degenerate, they lose their badges and usually will retire soon

  • samuel cheung

    can you put myCareer/player into my GM mode to play?

  • Joshua Mariano

    You can start as many new mygm’s as u want. U have the same attributes

  • Jake

    On mygm the owner says my checkbook is open spend what you want what can you use for it cause I try to pick up people in free agency and I’m above the cap so

  • Jason

    Where can I set the ticket prices the highest so that people are still fine with it, but is be making a bigger profit

  • Mathew

    I had built the spurs up to a huge championship team by smart drafting (all starting 5 in the 90’s rating and bench with 3 80s and rest 70s) got fired because missed a couple of the owners wish’s, so signed with another team, resigned right away and got my job back with spurs, lost a season because when you get fired it sims to end of season before you take over team, so when I got back to spurs all my upgrades where still their if you play offline, just a trick, and the year I got hired again the team I but won it all, but what hurt was that the year I was fired by them they won the ring also lol

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