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NBA 2K14 MyCAREER Guide – Your Rookie Season

Having signed for your first team in the NBA following the draft, you’re ready to embark upon your long and historic career.

Unlike the PS3/Xbox 360 version, next-gen MyCAREER carries many cutscenes that involve dialogue choices which will dictate the type of player and personality you will become. This guide will help you break into the starting line-up, make the most of your minutes and become a dominant force in your very first season.

Before reading on, take a look at our NBA 2K14 Starter Tips as that will give you a good insight about how to hit the ground running in the Rookie Showcase and how to build your character.

Play your position

If you are a centre, then play as such. Grab rebounds, work the post and get to the free-throw line as much as possible. Don’t worry about getting assists or bringing the ball up the court, focus on playing the game that is natural for your position. It pays to learn the most popular plays that your team employ, which is best achieved by turning on the floor plan which allows you to see the movement of players and where you should be.

You will find yourself isolated if you aren’t in the correct position on offense, and failing to score or even receive the ball. Equally on defence, you’ll lose points for leaving your assignment, or allowing your man to score, so just focus on handling your job and let other players do theirs.

Be patient

It will take a few months before you become a starter in the team. There will be a series of repeated cutscenes with your head coach where he will inform you of gaining additional minutes in the team up until you reach the position of “Sixth Man”. Even if you continue to put up good numbers from the bench, the maximum amount of minutes you will get is 28 (in full game time, which will be scaled based on the amount of time you set for each quarter).

At the turn of the year, a series of cutscenes will occur that will lead to you becoming a starter, one of which will involve your GM saying he’s holding you back for a few games, in spite of your coach believing you’re ready for a starting slot. You can choose to react positively or negatively, depending on how your relationship currently stands with the GM, but it doesn’t hugely affect the delay in you becoming a starter.

In your meetings with the GM, don’t continue to ask for more minutes once you hit the ceiling of 28, as this will affect your relationship with him, and you simply cannot gain more until this series of cut-scenes occurs.

nba 2k bryant

Accept your first season will suck

If you played well in the Rookie Showcase, then you will be picked high in the draft, and thus be chosen by a bad team. This means that you aren’t going to be challenging for a championship in your first year or two. Just focus on improving your game, earning VC and building your numbers to attract the top teams when you enter free agency.

If you need to earn extra VC to progress quicker, check out our guide to earn thousands of free VC every day in NBA 2K14.

You can always ask for a trade, but it’s best to wait until the end of at least your first season. You have a two year contract with your first team, with a further two-year team option. You can view how interested each team in the league is in trading for you in the menus (found under My Career – Team Interests). If there’s a team you wish to join that is highly interested in recruiting you, it could be worth gambling on asking to leave sooner, especially if they lack quality in your position.

Think about your responses

Throughout your first season, the cutscenes will give you a series of dialogue choices to make. The basic premise of these choices are whether you are a team player, focused on getting your team wins and working for the good of the whole, or a selfish athlete, more worried about his own numbers and becoming one of the stars of the league. The latter will lead to a more arrogant portrayal of your character, while the former will create a more limited athlete on the court, perhaps holding back some of your talents for the greater good at certain points in the season.

Whichever path you take, just make sure you remain consistent in the choices.


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  1. Wensda


    Orrrr do whatever you want, demand a trade and become rookie of the year and MVP in your first year when winning the NBA championship.

      • Marcel



        I’ve got a problem with starting second season in MyCareer. I’m playing on PS3. After
        first match game while loading to MyCareer deskopt freezes. I’ ve already check 2K
        Support but delate files doesn’t work. I can’t find such files as “NBA Today,” “Online Game Dat” and “Sliders” I’ve deleted other files that 2K Support let me to delate them.
        Should I delate “Exhibition Data” in “Save Data Utility either”? Mayby you know how to help me?

  2. David


    Honestly, my first season didn’t suck :P My team’s vying for the Eastern Conference championship and my player’s racking up some fantastic stats (recently about 25 pts, 4 assists and 7 rebounds).

  3. John


    You said you would suck for the first two seasons? C’mon! I’m the pg for the Milwakee Bucks and were in 2nd place in our division and 1st in our conference. Plus I’m on hall-of-fame CPU! Also I’m rated 90 overall.

    - highest points in a game – 88
    - highest assists in a game – 20
    - highest rebounds in a game -11
    - highest steals in a game -10
    - highest blocks in a game – 5
    - highest winning streak – 18 games

    I’m doing amazing and this is my first year with a playstation controller so I am not used to the way it feels. I’m not saying the author is incorrect but for me, it is easy.

  4. Dre


    I’m in my first year…I forced a trade from the kings to the clippers to Detroit …

    Highest POint total :107
    Highest Rebound : 13
    Highest assist : 16
    Highest steals : 13
    Highest blocks : 8
    Currently on a 21 game winning streak

    Oh and I’m an Athletic SG

  5. Tyson


    The first season didn’t suck for me! I played excellent in the rookie showcase, up until the last quarter. I knew the worst teams pick first, so I brought my grade down to C- . Then I got drafted into the bulls. 8 games later I asked for a trade, and got into Miami Heat. Now I score more points than LeBron James, in my first season

  6. Qvajdo


    Im playing on Hall of Fame difficulty and i drop 140 points against Clippers!
    140 points,11 rebounds,6 assists and 1 steal
    Im playing 12 minute quarters and im still in my first season…
    NBA 2K14 is too easy…

    • Cody kuntz

      Cody kuntz

      Come on ha don’t brag
      I’m starting point guard for the bobcats. We are number 1 seed
      I won MVP averaging a triple double and 3 blocks and 2.5 steals and I am 6 foot 2. I play on hall of fame and the author was right. If you play your position you will get a higher teammate grade. As an example, I score 45 points a game but I don’t get as good as a bonus for shooting as I do for passingg

    • Cody kuntz

      Cody kuntz

      Turn your quarters down. It’ll take less time and if you are actually good you will still have good atats

  7. Marcel



    I’ve got a problem with starting second season in MyCareer. I’m playing on PS3. After
    first match game while loading to MyCareer deskopt freezes. I’ ve already check 2K
    Support but delate files doesn’t work. I can’t find such files as “NBA Today,” “Online Game Dat” and “Sliders” I’ve deleted other files that 2K Support let me to delate them.
    Should I delate “Exhibition Data” in “Save Data Utility either”? Mayby you know how to help me?

  8. Genesis_Region83


    This is a somewhat accurate report. I did ok my Rookie Showcase and was drafted 1st Round 10th pick by Portland. It took a while to start in the line-up but now .. I’m playing 41 mins avg 27.5 ppg; 10.9 apg; 9.1 spg; 7.0 rbg and 4.1 bpg. Selected to start Rising Stars and selected to West All-Star team. Portland is 1st in Conference 2nd Entire NBA .. My guy is 81 VCs are too high now

  9. Needing Help

    Needing Help

    I played about 25 games in the rookie season. I heard there will be cutscenes to get traded. When do cutscenes take place? I’m in an xbox 360. 36.6 pts, 8 asts, 2.3 rebounds, 3 steals, 1.7 blocks per game. I’m a starter in 76ers as shooting guard.

  10. Dom


    Ya I got drafted by the Buck (terrible team), I also own rookie of the year, MVP, the NBA Championship, and Finals MVP, plus I played on Hall of Fame, so your first year will be easy aslong as you don’t suck at the game

  11. Dom


    My player also averaged like 70 points a game, I lead in steal, I was like ranked 7th in assists, I was ranked in the top10 for blocks and I’m a PG, I had maybe like 10 triple-doubles my rookie year, I was #2 i FG% and the center on my team was #1 in FG%, I was in the dunk contest, also don’t forget I did this all on Hall of Fame, so anyone that has problems doing what I did then you probably suck at the game and should probably play a different game.

  12. M. Louvise

    M. Louvise

    So weird to see this comments about 80 points a match, I am struggling to 12 points. Well I did my player real, he is an 5`9 SG with 160lbs, lol

    I am playing for the the Knicks, 8 games so far and even Carmelo AI sucks, the team is not playing good at all, and I have to admit that I am not helping.

    I am also getting to learn the game, first time playing basketball, even the rules sometimes gets me. *I am Brazilian.

    Any game mode that can help collect more VC´s? My player still level 66.
    Cheers dudes.

  13. Aaron


    Hey Brett I’m in my 3rd season as a 92 overall all around PG I can easily drop 50 on superstar but when I simulate to next key game my player is lucky to put up more than 15 why us this? I have maxed out all of my offensive attributes! Any answer would be appreciated!

  14. Dwayne


    Doesn’t suck for the first season. My player is a 6′ 6 scoring point guard. I play 40 minutes a game and ranked 8th in the NBA and 4th at my position

  15. Brett Turpin

    Brett Turpin

    I’m a 94 overall in my second season and I haven’t become a starter yet, also my dunking is 85 and vertical is about 75-80 and I can’t dunk I have 3 dunk packages and the finisher ability yet I’m unable to dunk. What is going on. Ps4

  16. Besickl


    Just finished first season did great in showcase 6’8 center 240 pounds drafted 4th overall led bobcats to a nice record then forced a trade got traded to LAC just ended regular season with averages of 29.9 ppg 16.1 rpg 2.8 apg .8 spg 3.3 bpg with an overall rating of 89. Didn’t buy any VC just worked at it mainly setting picks like a mad man over 60 A+ teammate grades in 71 games. Only question is I won scoring title 29.9 to durants 29.5 and the game is saying I did not win it ><. Oh and this was all on Pro difficulty.

  17. DC


    In the previous game no matter how good I was and how many votes I had I could never start in an all-star
    game. Even when I was leading in votes I never started. Is this still the same for 2k14?

  18. john


    First season doesn’t suck for me and for a lot of other people
    Highest points-103
    Highest assists-18
    Highest rebounds-21
    Highest blocks-10
    Highest steals-5
    I’m a 89 overall small forward drafted by phx traded to golden state. Iggy got moved to sg. We’re 45-16. On a 16 game winning streak. Averaging 47.8 pts 6.7 ast 9.4 east 3.1 blocks.
    Also when you ask for a trade you usually get traded to a team that is at around mid-level interest . Golden state ripped phx off in the trade phx got harrison Barnes 72ovr and 14 2nd round pick and golden state got me 84ovr at the time I started in the all-star game.

  19. mk19


    i won the scoring title,defensive player of the year, rookie of the year, MVP, championship and final’s MVP just in my rookie year. that’s not really hard. i’m a pistons’ PG. any comment on that?

  20. corderell


    In my first season as a point guard for Utah, i made the allstar team and won a championship. And in my second as well

  21. corderell


    In my first season as a point guard for Utah, i won rookie of the year made the allstar team and won a championship. And in my second as well

  22. PG08


    I’m an all around PG, drafted 5th by the Phoenix Suns

    After 5 key games I became starter even I am still 70 overall. Bledsoe was moved to SG and Dragic was traded to Cleveland to get Jarett Jack who replaced me as the Sixth Man. Did well on my rookie season and helped my team clinch a playoff spot.

    When the playoffs started we swept the first and second rounds since the AI was easy even on HOF difficulty but on reaching the western conf. finals, we were matched up against the Timberwolves where my teammates’ performances EXTREMELY DROPPED.

    They could not score points, they could not grab defensive rebounds, they easily lose the ball and they have a very poor Free Throw Shooting %. So I checked my teammate chem. it was on 85%.

    Is that a glitch or something?
    PLS HELP!! I really want to win the championships

  23. NBA 2K PRO

    NBA 2K PRO

    My guy is in his 2nd season my rookies season I led the league in scoring and steals (broke the steal average and total) it was 31.0 ppg and 4.1 stpg I Roy and Dp and finals mvp no reagular mvp won a ring

    Damon Aldride pg 6’5 rd 1 pk 16 (Bos)
    13-14 Bos-Lac
    14-14 Lac

    I was a all star to
    I won with the clippers were beast we got dirk

  24. thegateone


    My first 2 seasons sucked with the kings didn’t make the playoffs then I went to the warriors who made it twice but than when I’m their the fucked me over and gs missed it for my next 2 season because whenever I go to the bench the lead goes away

    • Michael Lewis

      Michael Lewis

      I guess it depends on luck-my 1st time with Kings sucked, they weren’t that good of a team. But i had to start over, cuz my player was offline, not getting many points and not able to get free shoes from endorsement. When i started over, there were some different players on the team, i.e. instead of Solmons they had Rudy Gay, there was also Maclemore and Acy. It’s definitely better, though we still lack real center, cuz Cousins sucks(whenever i try to get an assist with him, he misses his shot-even when there’s just one defender. Few times the defender was like two meters away from him and Cousins still didn’t hit it, what a Joke). So i mainly get assists when i pass to Gay and Thomas to hit 3-pointers, or to anyone on fastbreak.

  25. christopherbowers


    I am on my fifth season and I have still yet to get a contract extension right now I have no contract with my team

  26. lovelito


    overall 98 sg not selected as rookie of the year but mvp and final mvp 1st ppg 58.8 1st steal 11.3 1st ft 98% 2nd block 2.0 b celtics with carmelo anthony trade to rondo
    - highest points in a game – 87
    - highest assists in a game – 16
    - highest rebounds in a game -17
    - highest steals in a game -18
    - highest blocks in a game – 13
    - highest winning streak – 35 games

  27. Quronhale


    My first year I average 52 points 10.8 assist 5.1 rebounds 2.1 steals 2.2 blocks and my longest winning streak is 29 and counting

    • jeymz


      I’m stuck on creating my shoe it keeps telling me that ” brand logo must be placed on top of all the other components” what Is that and what do I do?

  28. IDK


    It’s kinda true. It took me a while but when I became a starter, I won the All-Star game MVP, rookie of the year, MVP, and Finals MVP my rookie year averaging 43.2 points, 5.4 rebounds,4.5 assists, 2.3 steals, and 1.9 blocks.

    He’s a scoring SG

    Highest Points scored:94
    Highest assists:19
    Highest blocks:12
    Highest Rebounds:14

    This all happened AFTER I became a starter on HOF