Ben McLemore

NBA 2K14 guide – How to steal the ball

Steals can have a big impact on results in NBA 2K14. Causing turnovers can create chances for easy points that can bring you back from a huge deficit, or open up a lead to seal the win.

Knowing how to strip the ball from a player’s hands without committing a foul is important to stop your team totting up the foul count and giving your opponents cheap trips to the free throw line. Sportra’s handy guide will help you become a pick pocket master and get a handful of turnovers each game.

Don’t spam

Pressing the steal button (square/X) repeatedly will cause your player to commit a personal foul, and tie up the man on the ball, rather than increase your chances of making a steal. Unlike previous NBA 2K games, you have to pick your moments carefully, and wait for the right time to try and sneak in with the steal. Committing silly fouls by trying to steal too often or when the ball-handler is clearly in control or shielding the ball from you with his body will lead to cheap fouls, and that can send your opponents to the free throw line for the chance at two easy points.

Play as pick pockets

Certain players on each team are better equipped to steal the ball. Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo and Russell Westbrook are three of the most proficient players in the league at stealing the ball, and you’ll find that the point and shooting guards are usually the best in every team.

Controlling these players in the early moments of defending a play will offer the best chance of making a steal, especially if the opponent’s point guard tries to score the points himself through dribbles.

Try and steal passes

As well as trying to strip the ball from a player’s hands, you can try and intercept a pass. The best way to do this is to control a defender off the ball and stand in a “passing lane”. These are the areas in and around the paint, where players who are stood near the three point line will look to cut inside and attack the basket with layups or alley-oops. Attackers will also look to cut in from the top of the key, and run straight towards the basket.

It is far more difficult to intercept a bounce pass, and you can sometimes concede possession due to a ‘kicked ball violation’. Look to jump on lobbed passes, particularly those that are to a man in the post.

Steal from the dribble

Players making dribble moves are more susceptible to steals than when stationary. You have to be very careful with your timing; if the dribbler has his body between you and the ball, chances are you’ll concede a foul, so try and steal as the ball is closest to you, and you’ll soon have the ball in your possession once again.

Certain dribble moves are easier to steal from than others. Spin moves can be easier to strip, especially from players who have low “Ball Security”, which you would have to find in the menus, but you’ll become accustomed to which players are easier to take the ball from the more you play the game.

Double team

This move is often more effective against AI, but by calling a double team, you can often force a player to hold the ball in both hands, preventing him from moving, and the rpessure from two defenders can lead to a poor pass which is intercepted.

Pressing LB/L1 will call for a double team, sending two defenders to the ball, you have to make sure that there is enough pressure on the ball to prevent easy passes out of the double team and the ball handler is forced to “pick up” the ball. Don’t give up the opportunity by press ‘steal’ constantly and fouling, wait for the opponent to make a mistake with a poor pass.

Don’t use this tactic on every play too, as your opponent will soon adjust and start making quick passes. It is best use when you are quicker than your opponents. Teams like the Miami Heat or Toronto Raptors will nullify this kind of defence quite quickly, but the Dallas Mavericks and Orlando Magic won’t be able to handle the high tempo pressure.