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NBA 2K14 Guide – MyCAREER starter tips

In order to fulfil your potential and one of the best athletes in the history of the NBA, it’s important that you understand the basics of MyCAREER. This guide will help get you started by providing an overview of the first few hours in the mode, and how to make the most of your chance to shine.

Basic player information

When first setting up your player, your his position dictates his vitals. Below is a list of a couple of the best players in each of the positions on the floor, along with their height and weight:

Point Guards

Kyrie Irving – 6″3′ – 181 lbs

Steve Nash – 6″3′ – 173 lbs

Shooting Guards

Dwyane Wade – 6″4′ – 220 lbs

Kobe Bryant – 6″6′ – 205 lbs

Small Forward

LeBron James – 6″8′ – 250 lbs

Paul George – 6″9′ – 220 lbs

Power Forward

Tim Duncan – 6″11′ – 255 lbs

Blake Griffin – 6″10′ – 210 lbs


Dwight Howard – 6″11′ – 255 lbs

Marc Gasol – 7″1′ – 265 lbs

This should give you an idea of how you should build your player. A 7″ tall centre should not way less than 200 pounds, equally, point guards shouldn’t be much bigger than 6″6′. Heavier players move slower up and down the floor and are less effective at beating defenders off the dribble. Think about your approach to matches based on your set-up. Bigger guys in the post, smaller guys attacking lanes off of pick-and-rolls and looking for assists (quick tip: pressing and holding circle or B as the ball handler will bring a player to screen the defender for you, it really helps as a point guard).

Shooting animations

There are a ton of different shooting animations to choose from in the player creation suite, and it’s important to take your time when doing so. The reason this is such an important decision is your animations affect your shot timing. This in turn has an impact on your shooting percentages, which is one of the big parts of your performance. Choose an animation that fits what you’re accustomed to. Play a few team matches and see what NBA players you feel comfortable using and score frequently with, then choose the animation that closest matches their style. Choosing whether to shoot “Quick”, “Normal” or “Late” will determine the timing of when you should release the ball during a jumpshot. The same applies to free throws. Watch each animation and choose one that you think you will be most successful with.

You can always change your selections throughout MyCAREER, so don’t worry if you aren’t happy with your first choice, head into “Edit Player” and try out some of the other options.

Your first game

The rookie showcase is where college players get to show there skills to NBA scouts ahead of the draft. The better you perform in this game, the higher up the draft you’ll get picked. Be aware: The higher you’re selected, the worse the team performed the previous season. That’s the way it works in the NBA, but as a rookie, you’re not going to be setting worlds on fire anyway. Getting more minutes with a bad team is better than being stuck on the Miami Heat’s bench.

Post game interviews with scouts

After the game, you’ll have three interviews with different teams, which will give you an idea of where you will roughly be drafted. Choosing the right answers gives you a better chance of being picked by one of these franchises. Some interviewers may ask if you are willing to move to a different position. If you’re not, choose a bad answer to force the team to consider another player. No matter what, you’ll get picked, it’s NBA 2K14, there’s no GAME OVER scenario. Focus on joining a team that is looking for a player in your position, and give whatever answers are required to make that happen.

Post-game interviews

The point of post game interviews is choosing the response that will help boost three different stats: Team-mate chemistry, fans and local fan support. Remember, you’re a big shot in the NBA now, so modesty isn’t always the best approach. Accepting defeat, admitting your opponents were the better team or focusing on the positives will likely lose you either fans or local support, but boost team chemistry. Choosing the answers that seem arrogant or boastful will often give you a boost in popularity, but could hurt your connection with the team and local supporters.

Attributes and VC

As you play matches and drills, you’ll earn Virtual Currency (VC) which can be spent on improving attributes, buying outfits, signature animations and other goodies  that can develop your player. During the early part of your career, focus on building up the key attributes that affect your position the most. So for point guards: passing, ball security and some shooting are the most important, while centres should focus on strength and their post moves. Don’t skip your early matches and go straight to key games, as most of the stats are cheap to improve and playing through the early part of your first season will quickly help you become a competent player.

Don’t waste time saving up VC on expensive items like Signature Skills, as you are still in the early stages of your career, so your focus should be on the fundamentals.


Since NBA 2K monetised the training system to VC, the variety of training drills on offer has become pointless, as you’ll only be using the Dribble Course (unless you’re a big, heavy centre). In previous NBA 2K entries, different training drills improved different stats, now, all drills reward you VC depending on your performance. Dribble Course is probably the easiest and quickest drill to get through. NBA 2K14 has improved the drills menus to make it much easier to repeat drills to use your training allocation throughout the season.

Wait for free agency

If you’re a high draft pick, you may find yourself with a team that ends the season way below .500, but stick with them and see your contract out. Demanding a trade from the GM means that you don’t get to choose your next team. See your contract out with your first club, even if they pick up your option on an extension, and then test the free agent market. If you have made a name for yourself with some good performances, the big names will start hunting your signature and you can finally start chasing that championship ring.

  • Jerry Banker

    Thanks thats great help, really useful. its just my team loses every game pretty much and im putting up 30 plus every game! should i just transfer?!

    • Brett Phipps

      Hey Jerry, it’s better if you stick with your team and see out your rookie deal. If you ask for a trade you cannot choose where you get traded to. You can view which teams are most interested in you via the ‘MyCAREER’ tab in the nav menu, but this still may not dictate where you sign next, as your team ultimately decides who you will transfer to. If you perform well in the rookie showcase, you will naturally end up with one of the poorer teams, as they receive higher draft picks.

      Once you enter free agency (after the second year) you can choose who to sign for, so persevere!

  • Chris

    I will say that I focused on 3-pt. shooting, and then also bought the “Catch-and-Shoot” signature skill. Both of those together made me a hot commodity playing for the sucky Cleveland Cavaliers. I talked to the GM, saw Houston wanted me, and now am playing for a fun team in Houston! At this point, it’s only January of my rookie year, so I feel like I’m set up to have a fun first few seasons in my career :-)

    • Tony

      What Position are you?

  • Filip Hanssen

    Nice guide. I played insanely good in the roockie showcase and earned an A+ popping 30 points and 7 assists and got drafted to Utah Jazz. Why didn’t i get drafted to somewhere better?
    And now i believe i’m a 75 overall in my 1st season. Where right now in January and i have been the most valuable player for the team(i’m a PG) scoring and assisting a lot and i’m still not a starter. What i’m i doing wrong?

    • Jack

      wait patiently, and wait for the finals. then talk with your gm to make him happy, say stuff like u want more minutes and u think that the coach is doing a good job. then he will like u and you will get in the starting lineup

    • Kione McWhorter

      Sometimes it takes some time to become a starter u might be a starter in your 1 season or 2 season depends on what the coach thinks is best

    • Tyrell

      i got drafted to sacramento and got kicked off the team. went to detroit. started my first game some time in feb., which means it took 3 months total (2k14 time) to go from bench rider to the starting line up

  • Broc

    You can get traded to your favorite team by doing all the negative things but NOT asking for trade. Instead ask for the guy you watch film with to get traded.

  • Jack

    LOL. I get 62 points in a 12 min game, and like 10 points everytime. i got the celtics to win the championship in the first year. lol. xD

    • Tony

      You’re the biggest liar on the face of the earth. Even if you did, ROOKIE difficulty.

      • Peter

        Agreed he’s a toy noob playing on rookie and a liar at that. Pathetic.

    • Peter

      Yeah sure champ, go and lie else where no ones impressed only makeing your self look like a 11yr old clown!!! Tool.

    • Max


  • Tony

    I have a question. One of my team mates got injured and I am filling in for him. When he comes back, will I lose my job?

    • M

      Yeah or if you do good sometimes its permanent

    • john

      Are u on next gen? If so I had the same thing happen where Nichols batum was hurt so I was starting and was posting a trip dub every game even though I was doing this off the bench. When he came back he was on the bench and then eventually was starting sg and btw I am a st

  • joe

    what things do i need to work on as a sf that is sometimes put at point guard im 6’9 240 and a scorer

    im working on my inside and out side shot and my 3 pointer and thing other i should work on .

    Lastly where could i find or is there a way to find the smal forward ratings and like find one i wan tto play like and kind of have numbers to try to match.

    thanks for any help

    • D

      You can find ratings by looking at team rosters.

  • Mudit

    i have a sf slashing what can i do to make him better?
    i am on game 25.i score 25 or 30, 2 assists,1 rebound and 4 steals like in everygame .
    please help i only play 12 minutes. what can i do to make him great.
    please give details.

    • alex

      Make him better on 3 pt shooting, mid range, and close shot, and layups.. Then make him better on defense.. Like on ball defense, steals, blocks, etc.. And you will see your player rise like mine

    • Jameson

      Max out Verticle and Speed and Block. that seemed to help me, and also training with legends and getting your offensive post moves and shoot in traffic up helps when you wanna drive and get and ones

    • Dugong

      Get exactly 500 sp (not sure if it works with vc) and get the Ray Allen jump shot. You’ll get negative sp and then can max everything out without paying.

      • KK

        It works

  • alex

    Im a 6’8 small forward right now with the lakers.. In my second year in the NBA my overall is 90.. Im pretty excited too see what free agency has in store for my player

  • alex

    I also average 40 points, 10 rebounds, and 8 assists a game which is really good.. Im always getting triple doubles in each game

  • Roy leonard

    i make my SG 6’9 and 260 lbs when i start first playing.I dont really know about lbs and kg.Now my player has all it stats max out after 12-13 years pro.For offence shooting has not much a problem but my penetration for layup or dunk is hard.other than that,my defence is hell.I can’t hardly stop player from getting to the paint.So does my weight affect the speed of my player even after max out my speed and acceleration?

    • Tyrell

      its over with. time for ur player to retire

  • Jamenso

    I got a ring in OKC as a rookie and got traded to the Heat and my contract is bout to run out, when should I ask for an extension or should I? I wanna stay or maybe go back to OKC but I guess it’s not up to me. Any SUGGeSTIONS?

  • Franck Kash

    I’m a PG and started off with the Timberwolves, i was avg 25pts 4 asst 3stl, but was never a starter even after Rubio got injured. We made it to playoffs but we lost in the first round. I had enough, asked for a trade and ended up with the Kings. Second season, we went all the way, won the Championship and was finals MVP. my second season in Sacremento, just started, what can I do to become a starter and get that elusive shoe deal?

  • eatdunks

    Oh kimosabe, suckin dick is my hobby

    • Zack

      oh yeah brah? that cool

  • Armand P.

    How do you increase team chemistry? I was drafted to the hawks and my chemistry was right around 70%. I was getting crap minutes and we lost almost every game so I went to Cleveland (the team I originally wanted to be drafted to). I went there almost half way through my first season, and am now half way through the second season. Ever since I came to the Cav’s my chemistry has hovered at 50% and I have had no cut scenes with the team to increase it. Is there anything I can do to increase it because I was told it needs to be at a certain % before you can start.

  • dazzroberts

    Im strugling with the game, im a small forward but i cant seem to get above a B in the game. Ive played games with 10-15points, 3-5 assists and no fouls. What am i doing wrong?

  • marc

    Im on utah jazz and would like to get traded but what team should i choose. Im a starter on late in my first yearand im a 6,8 shooting guard, athletic. What should i do

  • 1Mr_Styler

    nice tips