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NBA 2K14 tips – get thousands of free VC every day

I recently wrote a feature discussing some major issues I had with the Virtual Currency system in NBA 2K14. If, like myself, you spend most of your time playing MyCAREER, it can be really difficult to earn enough money to progress your athlete. I play on reasonable settings (just above average difficulty, five minute quarters) and at best earn 2-300 coins per game.

Luckily, there’s something you can do to earn a ton of VC every day for doing next to nothing.

Head into the iOS or Android marketplaces and download the ‘myNBA2K14′ companion app. Make sure it is the app published by 2K Sports. Once you boot the app, connect it to your game using your email address and password (you can reset your password if you’ve forgotten it) and you can receive a daily reward of VC. You also earn bonus VC for making correct predictions of results in real world games. You receive 50 VC for every correct prediction.

Check back every day to unlock more currency, even when you aren’t playing NBA 2K14 at home, as your money will continue to pile up.

This extra injection of cash is a massive help when developing your virtual character and also making moves in MyGM mode.


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  1. MrStayPuft


    App has been broken for over a week. Worked for 3 days for me and my friends and then all of the sudden last week it locks up upon login and has not worked since. The free daily VC has also known to be bugged

  2. Pips


    The VC from the app is only for purchasing items, not using for skills. There are two types of VC in NBA2K14. Skill VC and money VC. You can ONLY get skill VC from playing the game and doing good moves and plays and winning games. You can get money VC by using the IOS App and Facebook codes and such. You can also buy money VC as well. But again, it’s only usable for new suits and shoes and such. Only cosmetic stuff, not in-game skill stuff.

    It would be nice if EA actually published a MANUAL that explained all this.

    • mike


      Thats incorrect when you see coints you have a online account when you see vc its a offline account. So you can use the coints from the app if you have a online account

    • James


      Actually it isnt like that. If you have a grey vc instead of the gold vc it is ecause your myplayer was created without an internet connection, it wont influence your multiplayer experience but if you would like to spend gold vc on your account then you will have to delete your myplayer and start a new one, hope this helps :)

    • You're fucking stupid

      You're fucking stupid

      You’re dumb as fuck. Bitch, there is offline skill points and online VC. Dumb bitch. Same shit. Fucking whore ass poor boy.