FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Guide – Top rated Brazilian players

Ever decided you’re going to create a FUT from a particular nation, spending thousands of your hard earned coins only to realise there are no good players in one or two positions? Luckily, we’re here to help. Sportra has collected four of the top rated players in some of the key positions on the pitch for the top nations in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.

Starting with¬†Brazil, we’ll be working our way across the globe and scouting the top players for you to try and nab from the transfer market. Check our other articles for the rest of our collections, including some nations that people often forget to check, so players can often be bought for pretty cheap.

*Note” These players are the highest rated in their position, not necessarily the best. It is up to you to decide which players are the best fits for your team. Also, players can change position if you apply consumables, so strikers may end up in midfield and full backs may end up on the wing. Finally, if there are two players with the same overall rating, and one space left on our list, a judgement call was made.


 Right Backs

Centre Backs

Left Backs

Right Midfielders

Central Defensive Midfielders

Central Midfielders

Left Midfielders



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    • Pro


      Go for Oscar.
      A cheaper option would be Bernard.
      Do not buy Ronaldinho for CAM position because he is slow and is good at creating chances.
      Ronaldinho should be played as a CM.