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FIFA 14 Career Mode Guide – the first transfer window

When you start as a manager in Career Mode, you’re going to want to make some big changes to your squad, no matter which club you take over. Knowing the best way to approach the opening transfer window to overhaul your team will give you the best chance of having an excellent first season. A good squad of first team-quality players will pull you through the more testing times of multiple injuries and suspensions.

We’ve put together some tips to make sure your team is ready from the first game of the season, and hopefully bring in some big name players to bring home the title.

Sell your dead weight

Don’t think you need to give players a chance in the team to evaluate whether they should be sold or not. Assuming you have taken control of a team you’re pretty familiar with, you know who is good, who is bad and who has the potential to be great. Go into the “Sell Players” section and list players for transfer who you believe aren’t good enough to be in the starting 11. It can be a while before bids start to come in, but at least put them in the window so they stand a chance of bringing in some much needed money to spend on new players.

When it comes to your younger players, sell anybody who is reaching an age where they need first team football and still aren’t good enough to earn it with your team. For example, as Man United, I knew Will Keane and Larnell Cole were too old to develop into Man United-quality players, so I sold them. But, Nick Powell and Adnan januzaj have great potential, both being very young and an overall in the 70’s, therefore I opted to loan out these guys to develop them for the second season to become starters.

If you aren’t somebody who spends hundreds of hours playing FIFA, don’t focus on developing youth as much, as you won’t be playing Career for many seasons. Concentrate on buying good players in the short term and raising funds.

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Loan out potential

As touched on above, players with potential need to be loaned out. You’re going to want to play your best players for most of the season, so young stars won’t have as much of a chance to develop as they would in a lower league club.

Sending your best talent on loan will help them come back with drastic overall improvements, and prevent you from the selection headaches over the course of the year, where you can only field weaker players in league cup fixtures or when you play against poor opponents. It’s too risky to sim most games with your second string, unless it’s a match of little importance.

Adjust your budgets

If you don’t have enough money to bring in that last transfer target, but have a chunk of money leftover in wages, go and adjust your budgets. By tweaking the balance between money assigned to wages and to transfers, you might be able to get an extra player or two. Moving money from wages to transfers is more drastic than the other way around, so take note if you can’t afford a player’s wage that you’ll need to take quite a hit from your transfer budget.

The best time to have a look at your budgets is after making a sale. If you have offloaded a player who was on huge pay but didn’t sell him for much, re-balancing to get those gained wages towards spending on new players can be crucial.


Haggle over price

Some more well-known players will have all stats and market value information available immediately, others won’t. The last thing you want to do is pay way too much for a player when you could have got him for half the initial bid (look at the whole Man United/Fellaini saga). What you need to do is send a scout to find their market value, then bid below it.

Trying to get the best deal for your club is the number one priority, so make sure you get the right player at the right price. If they reject a bid, and in the email state the asking price, try and bid below once more, maybe by £1 million or £500,00. Don’t undercut a club too much, though, as a club can cease negotiations and prevent you from bidding further for a player.

Deadline Day

Knowing how to approach Deadline Day is important. In an ideal world, you handle your business early in the window, but a lot of the time bids for your players don’t come until late August, leaving you little time to chase your targets.

You need to know how to work the clock. If you have one hour left, it’s too late. Any ongoing negotiations will be cancelled once you press ‘Advance’. The downside to DD is that you have to pay more than you would at any other time in the window, or be left without significant reinforcements until January.

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  • Wayne Gregoire

    I usually “enquire about a player” but the club comes back with a huge offer. Bakkali has a value of 800k, but they ask for 8,000,000. Also, how do I get a huge return like that with my own players?

    • Michael

      Usually a staff member (assistant manager?) will recommend a price range for the purchase/sale of player(s). As long as it is close to the minimum/maximum price or within the range, they should accept it. I usually add some (non-key) players into the bid to reduce the amount of money included in the bid. (Z. Ibrahimovic -> Neymar in my PSG career) Sometimes you save more money this way.

  • adam

    Can’t buy a player in transfer window. I enquirie about them but can’t bid. Please help.

    • Michael

      Make sure the player status does not say “recently joined team” or “retiring at contract end”
      Other than those two you should be able to place a bid. If not, shortlist them and try again in the next transfer window.

  • Michael

    @disqus_MDij1hHUpz:disqus Depending on the status of the player, you will not be able to bid for the player. Examples include players that “recently joined” a club and retiring players. Other than those types of statuses, you should be able to place a bid.

    @waynegregoire:disqus Usually the assistant manager of other club staff will suggest a price range to for the purchase or sale of a player(s). As long as it is close to the maximum amount or within the price range, it should be decent return.

  • Amman Das

    How is it possible to like when you are buying a player, how to give money along with 2 players? ?(in ps3) I only know how to give 1 player in the offer. Please help