2014 FIFA World Cup pushes the boundaries of current-gen consoles – EA

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil isn’t coming to PS4 and Xbox One, but the game’s line producer, Matthew Prior, believes the Xbox 360 and PS3 game is pushing the boundaries of the hardware.

“I think one of the thing’s this game does is it holds up against, I mean obviously, gen-4 is obviously prettier and everything but I don’t think playing this is any kind of like ‘oh I can’t play this anymore’” Prior told Sportra at a press event last week. “We’ve pushed the boundaries of this current-gen, and it’s the best looking game we’ve ever made, so I think it very much holds up.”

Prior revealed that one advantage the World Cup team has over the standard FIFA team is the resources freed up by not having to included Ultimate Team.

“Well we have a bit of an advantage over FIFA in that we made the decision not to put Ultimate Team in, for various reasons. Ultimate Team actually uses up a lot of resources, memory etc. so the exclusion of that allowed us to free up some more so we could put more into gameplay,” said Prior. “So ordinarily a new feature would potentially drop something off the list, so we were able to do that without that because we were able to free up additional resources by getting rid of Ultimate Team. So we weren’t in that same situation as FIFA was.”

Prior is understandably proud of his game, and is sad that backwards compatibility isn’t an option for PS4 and Xbox One gamers so they can play the game if they’ve already traded in their old systems.

“I mean one of the biggest disappointments for me was the fact there’s no backwards compatibility with the consoles. I think for the first time ever, that’s actually a much more relevant feature than it ever was because there always has been [backwards compatibility] in the past but, with a PS3 game, once you play it you’re never going to want to look at a PS2 game again because the gulf was so big,” Prior told us.

“It would have been kind of ideal this time round if there was backwards compatibility, unfortunately there’s not which is out of our control,” he added.

EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is due for release on Xbox 360 and PS3 on April 17.